What We Do?

We design and build future-ready digital products to accelerate transformation and create digital capability.

Who We Are?

Unleash the full potential of latest technologies to future-proof businesses in a fast changing world

Datawind Consulting team is drawn from the ranks of the world’s top innovators, think tanks, strategists, technologists, managers and IT experts. We have gained an enviable reputation for innovative solutions to business threats in a changing world

Our Services

Accelerating transformation through:

Talent and Staff augmentation

Our fast and efficient IT Staff Augmentation works for you. Extra talent is needed to boost your projects. Our Engineers fully integrated with your team.

Project and Product Development

End-to-end product development is made easy with access to our top-tier Project Managers and Engineering team.

Cloud Integration and Migration

Integrate or migrate apps, data, workflows, and IT infrastructure to the cloud. Our cloud experts know how to integrate and scale migration to limit downtime and maintain data integrity.

Software Development & Data Engineering

We design and build future-ready digital products and data platforms to accelerate the transformation to create data-driven capabilities.

Cyber Security and Compliance

Experience expert cyber advice and compliance consulting services to take the guesswork out of reaching and maintaining compliance.

Technology Consulting and Strategy

Datawind professionals help clients resolve critical information and technology challenges in today’s rapidly growing technology-enabled business services.

Our Work

Sales Order Management
Employee Onboarding Offboarding
Emergency Response Management Portal
Sales Insights Scanner
Mutual Fund Analytics
Customer Buying Behaviour Insights Scanner
Material Expense and Schedule Management
Timesheet and Billing Portal

Our Clients & Partners

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Our Customer Engagement Process

Starts Here
Step 1
Initial familiarity meeting

We work together to assess if we are a good fit for your business technological solution needs by:

  • Provide an overview of our capabilities and process
  • Answering any questions you may have
  • Seeking to understand the current status of your business, how you got there and where you wish to be
Step 2
Obtain information on your present situation

We will proceed to gather as much relevant qualitative and quantitative information as possible regarding your area of need. This would help us develop strategies tailored to your business needs and goals.

Step 3
Analysis and evaluation of the collected information

Our team of professionals will use a variety of powerful analytical tools to analyze and evaluate information collected in step 2. This helps to present a true state of your business, including your current strengths and weaknesses as well as where you are headed to in the current state.

Step 4
We create a personalized solution for you based on the analysis

We use the results of our analysis to develop strategies for different scenarios and recommend solutions that address threats to your business as well as transform it into the lucrative enterprise you envisaged when you contacted us. Our relationship with you does not end with the recommendation of our solutions. We will collaborate with you through the implementation of those solutions.

Step 5
Implementing your technological solutions and strategies

We collaborate with you through our team of dedicated professionals to determine how each aspect of our technological strategies can be implemented for a fulfilling outcome. We have also partnered with reputable technology solution implementors to help our clients implement any aspect business technological solutions

Step 6
Monitoring and evaluating your technology strategies

We will monitor core areas of your technology solutions on an ongoing basis as dictated with our scope of engagement. Depending on emerging trends, we will keep updating and taking advantage of new technological strategies to enhance your growth and help you stay competitive in the market. If there is need, we will always be there to revisit any or all of these steps for the benefit of your business. 

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